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Water pump set > Engine pump 50ZB-35

    Engine pump 50ZB-35

    Engine pump 50ZB-35












    Basic Accessories:

    R180 diesel engine 1 set
    50ZB-35 self-priming pump 1 set
     Ф50 intake rubber hose 8m

    Optional Accessories:
    1. Ф50 exhaust plastic-coated hose 20m, manual sprinkler 1 pc
    2. PY30 sprinkler and its stand 1 set, Ф50 exhaust plastic-coated hose 40m
    3. PY20 sprinkler and its stand 6 sets, Ф50 exhaust plastic-coated hose 120m
    Sprinkled Area : 2400 square meters/set/time
    Combination Space : 20×20m
    Average Sprinkling Intensity : 8.5 mm/h
    Sprinkling circle : 5 days
    Working Time : 2.4h/time
    Sprinkled Area in 1 circle :36,000 square meters