Product Details

Model 120-140HP


1.Famous engine, big power, fuel-efficient, and durable;

2.Shock-absorption seat, comfortable driving;

3.The hood with streamlined design, the appearance of novel generous;

4.Matched with 4*(2+1)*2 gearbox, meet the needs of different farming work;

5.Vehicle components using electrophoresis coating treatment process, corrosion-resistant, anti-aging, non-fading;

6.Fully enclosed cab, tightness, and a large space, wide field of vision, low Noise, optional air conditioning, fans, and other configurations;

7.Using hydraulic steering mechanism, light and flexible operation.

Main parameters   Product series
Drive   type4*4   four-wheel drive4*4four-wheel   drive4*4   four-wheel drive

Engine Brand YTO YTO Yuchai
Engine TypeLR6B5-23LR6M5-23YC6B160Z-T21
Max. Torque (Nm @ engine rpm)≥458/1500~1700≥500/1500~1700630/1500±100
Fuel tank capacity 310L310L310L
    Rating power of engine
Fuel consumption @ nominal power≤242≤242≤240
Air   Intake TypeNaturally   AspiratedNaturally   AspiratedTubocharging
Air filter type/sizedry air filter    10inch   600m3/h
Torque reserve≥20%≥20%0.286
 Transmission system

Clutch   type/sizeOne-piecedrydouble-action/12 inchesOne-piecedrydouble-action/13 inchesOne-piecedrydouble-action/13 inches
(F+R) No. of gears16   F+8 R16   F+8 R16   F+8 R
Shift   methodmechanical   sliding sleevemechanical   sliding sleevemechanical   sliding sleeve
Max. speed32.94km/h32.94km/h32.94km/h
Gear   position side positionside   position side position
  Hydraulic system

(L   / MIN)
    Hydraulic output flow rate
Hydraulic output valveThree   groupsThree   groupsThree   groups
Hydraulic   filter types and capacitywire   mesh/63μmwire   mesh/63μmwire   mesh/63μm
Working device

Three-point-linkage 2   Type2   Type2   Type
PTO Speed540/1000540/1000540/1000
    Lifting Capacity
Tillage depth adjustmentposition,floatposition,floatposition,float

The whole machine size (dimensions) mm4800×2356×29004800×2356×29004880×2356×2900
Min. operation mass(kg)544054405440
Wheel base258225822662.5
Mini turning Radius (m)
Rated traction force(N)333435
Minimum ground clearance 480480480
Air conditioning cabOptionalOptionalOptional
Front/rear   wheel tread1784-2202(comon1940/1620-2220)common1850)1784-2202(common1940)/1620-2220(common1850)1784-2202(common1940)/1620-2220(common1850)
tyre size14.9-26/18.4-3814.9-26/18.4-3814.9-26/18.4-38
Braking and steering

Braking systemHydrostatic,dry   type,disc brakeHydrostatic,dry   type,disc brakeHydrostatic,dry   type,disc brake

    Steering type
hydraulic   steeringhydraulic   steeringhydraulic   steering

    Steering Angle (4 x4)
Front axle   Max.Steering angle 50° Front axle Max.Steering angle 50° Front axle Max.Steering angle 50°
(options: all these types can Optional for swing drawbar,   front/rear ballast)