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Samll rice and wheat thresher

Automatic grass type rice and wheat thresher:          


The company's new R & D motorized threshing machine can automatically discharge the weeds, waste rate control in less than 2%, less power consumption, can work in different weather, can be automatically separated Valley, grass, dust and other debris, fuel consumption can save 30%, truly high output and low loss.                      


Threshing machine operation notice:          

Before starting the hand rotating drum, to observe the abnormal noise and the machine has no foreign body, the dynamic power installed on the sliding frame, insert the power frame, the installation of belt (1651A or other suitable models), adjusting tensioning screw, the belt belt is tightly arranged on the suitable range the protective cover; if the remote power belt protection factory to provide cover can not be used, users should drive device settings, to ensure safety in production.


Model: HR-80-1,          

Suitable for hilly areas, the people operating the amphibious, with automatic selection, automatic automatic bagging and winnowing function,          

Weight 45 kg,          

Production efficiency 300 - 500kg/h,          

Dimensions: 820x560x760mm,          

Matching power 170 gasoline engine, or 1.5-3 kW motor